Quality / PN-EN 15038:2006

PN-EN 15038 is the Polish version of the European Standard for Translation Services, EN 15038:2006, which was adopted by the European Committee for Standardisation on 13 April 2006. It sets and harmonises standards and procedures for the performance and revision of translations, recruitment and competencies of translators, relations with clients and additional services performed by language service providers.

The PN-EN 15038 standard defines the criteria by which translation and related services delivered by providers can be judged to be of high quality. This does not only apply to the translation process itself, but also to all other aspects of the service, such as:

  • Ensuring high quality by means of revision by another translator (the so-called second-pair-of-eyes principle)
  • Review, standardisation and automation of the management of terminology databases and translation memories (TM)
  • Use of information systems and computer-assisted translation (CAT)
  • Data archiving
  • Project management.

In June 2008, mLingua first received PN-EN 15038:2006 certification. Annual external audits are performed by Bureau Veritas in order to maintain the certification. These audits confirm the consistently high quality of our translation services and ensure compliance with the highest standards.